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What people say about Yalla

I've purchased Baby Hair opacity textures from Yalla multiple times and I've always been impressed! Love the quality!


I've been doing business with Yalla for a few years now. I've purchased BBH meshes, BBh opacities & Hair textures. All are top quality. Several of my products reached first page in the IMVU catalog using Yalla's files. Always very professional with quick response time. You're a true doll Yalla. Thanks so MUCH!!!


Love your Baby Hair designs! They're very natural looking, realistic in detail, and frame the face perfectly =)


I have worked with Yalla for approximately 3 years (various projects). She is kind, friendly, respectful, cooperative, very easy to communicate with and always willing to help. Yalla is my favorite creator, not only because of her work but more so because she is a truly good person, she has never let me down. Her work is detailed, precise, and she is always thorough. It is my pleasure to know Yalla and give this Testimonial.


I love your hair opacities. Every time I use them my customers love them, and I know those are guaranteed sales. Also, your hair textures are real like they make the hair just that much better. You also care about your customers, every time I got a custom from you, you always made sure I liked it 110%. Thank you for always being sweet to me, because I know you didn’t have to be.


I love your Baby Hair and products because of the rich HD qualities and the ability to be very compatible with every product unlike some of the ones I bought previously. You work hard, and you make sure your customer gets the best. You make sure to give multiple styles of Baby Hair that fits different personalities and I love that. Thank you!


Honestly Yalla’s hair products and service are the very best. Very fast delivery, very easy to work with and her files are always top quality. Before I came across her file store I ordered a custom Baby Hair from someone and spent close to $200 for their mesh. The work was very sloppy, but when I came across Yalla’s file store and saw her work and how affordable the prices were, I had to buy. In fact, I got a hair to first page for the very first time using Yalla’s Baby Hair. The people who buy my hair love it and so do I. Till this day, a few hairs are still lurking in the top hair pages.


I’ve only ever purchased two of your baby hairs, but I plan to purchase more. Your baby hairs helped my shop improve to what it is today and have made it to where I’ve leveled up in the creating tier. To be honest, I need to thank you for helping me. You’re a hella sweet person even when things get delayed you still deliver and you’re so patient. I know my last purchase I was delayed due to payday, but you didn’t forget me, and you were able to give me what I needed when I needed it. Thank you Yalla!


The Hair Textures and Baby Hair files are fly and got me a lot of sales with the creative color selection and male hairline curls. I appreciate the deal you gave me, and I’ll be buying more soon.


I love your Baby Hair meshes and maps. You have a great variety of selection for your customers to choose from. I love that even though I'm not very active via IMVU, you still take the time to message me when you have new products. You're a sweet person and you always provide excellent customer service as well as excellent communication skills. You're good at what you do, and I'll definitely continue to support you.


I have purchased Baby Hair files from Yalla and might I say those are quite beautiful, the best I’ve seen; they are so realistic and easy to use. Not only that I’m glad to say I use Yalla’s Baby Hair files when people ask; it also goes beyond the files as all your products are great quality and reliable. When I’m using your files and buying from your shop I feel like I can trust that everything is going to be quality and work how they are meant to work. This is why I shop Yalla.



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